Attorneys With Last Names Starting With Letter B

Name Title Email Phone
Abigail L. Baker Associate Email 410.347.7674
Betty C. Bannat Counsel Email 410.347.7352
Thomas H. Barnard Principal Email 410.347.7385
Victoria A. Baylin Counsel Email 410.347.7315
Michael D. Beattie Principal Email 410.347.7310
Emily R. Billig Associate Email 410.347.7689
Kristin M. Bohl Principal Email 410.347.7345
Frank C. Bonaventure, Jr. Principal Email 410.347.7305
Christina J. Bostick Contract Attorney Email 410.347.7669
Courtney K. Brust Associate Email 410.347.7342
Raymond Daniel Burke Principal Email 410.347.7392
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