Showcase Your Expertise: How to Tell Stories to Build Key Relationships for Influence, Leadership and Career Advancement

January 23, 2013

What makes people value your expertise, take your advice and want to consult you about important decisions? Hearing examples of past successes. Most people won’t be there when you have your shining moments. So it’s through conversation – storytelling, to be exact – that people will learn how to use your skills and value your advice.

Join Steven R. Smith and Sarah E. Swank of the Ober|Kaler Health Care General Counsel Institute and networking expert Lynne Waymon for this 90-minute webinar. You’ll learn how to construct and tell examples, vignettes and stories that highlight how you contribute to key decisions and help protect the bottom line. You’ll get more comfortable and competent at teaching people what to count on you for, what to ask you for and what kinds of opportunities and information to send your way.

We will present examples of common scenarios that inhouse counsel often encounter, where a well-crafted success story can make an enormous impact. These include:

  • Meeting your CEO at the company retreat
  • Talking with board members before an annual meeting
  • Chatting with the Chief Medical Officer in the cafeteria or in the parking lot
  • Interacting with your General Counsel (if you are a staff attorney)
  • Relaxing at a social event or fundraiser where others aren’t familiar with what you do.

You’ll learn how to decide what you want others to remember about your expertise, along with tips on how, when and where to deliver your stories.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
12:00-1:30pm (Eastern)

There is no fee to attend this program.

Lynne Waymon is CEO of Contacts Count LLC. She is a recognized authority on business and professional networking and the co-author of Make Your Contacts Count (2nd edition, NY, American Management Association). Her recent clients include Fortune 500 companies, many government agencies, and major associations and universities. Lynne received the highest award given by the National Capital Speakers Association for her presentations.

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