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Ober|Kaler offers a series of websites, blogs and social media channels devoted to diverse legal topics, including intellectual property matters, US/Israel tax compliance, health care, condo and homeowner association law, advance directives in Maryland, Medicare enrollment and more.



Ober Health Law Website


Ober Health Law
Centralized library of content addressing key areas of health care law

Ober|Kaler - Us Israel Tax Website


US-Israel Tax Compliance
Information and Resources for US-Israel Tax Compliance

Ober|Kaler - OberIPWatch Blog


A blog to keep all types of creative thinkers up to date on the intellectual property issues that impact the business of creativity

Ober|Kaler - Maryland Advance Directives Website


Maryland Advance Directives
Resources for doctors, nurses, social workers, administrators and other health care professionals who need to comply with the Maryland Health Care Decision Act

Ober|Kaler - Maryland Condo Law Blog


Maryland Condo Law
An online resource for condominium and homeowner associations and their members

Ober|Kaler Health Care General Counsel Institute Website


Ober|Kaler Health Care General Counsel Institute
General counsel level information and guidance for health care legal departments and organizations

Ober|Kaler - Medicare for Geeks Blog


Medicare for Geeks
Information relating to the requirements and new initiatives with respect to PECOS (Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System), the national database of Medicare-enrolled providers and suppliers

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