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2014: Issue 24 - Focus on Fraud and Abuse

  • ACO Fraud and Abuse Waivers Extended Through November 2, 2015
  • OIG's 2015 Work Plan Highlights Departmental Priorities
  • No Sanctions for Basic Life Support Service Provider

Payment Matters >
November 13, 2014

  • Highlights of the 2015 OPPS and ASC Final Rule
  • CMS Releases Final Physician Fee Schedule Rule: Key Payment and Policy Highlights
  • CMS Instructs MACs to Participate in ALJ Hearings

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2014: Issue 22 - Focus on Antitrust

  • State Action Doctrine Tested by Supreme Court for Second Time in Two Years
  • More Turns in the FTC's Antitrust Enforcement Action Against Phoebe Putney Hospital, Inc.
  • Recent State Attorney General Merger Enforcement: Charting a Different Path from the Feds - or Not?

Payment Matters >
October 17, 2014

  • CMS Releases New, Proposed Home Health Conditions of Participation
  • Providers Challenge CMS's Non-Hospital Rotation Rules for GME and IME

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2014: Issue 21

  • Highlights of OIG's Proposal to Amend Safe Harbors to the Antikickback Statute and CMP Rules, and to Add New Safe Harbors
  • Provider Waives Attorney-Client Privilege in Qui Tam Case by Asserting Compliance with Law
  • OIG Approves Yet Another Medigap Policy Contract with Preferred Hospital Network

Payment Matters >
October 3, 2014

  • Court Affirms CMS's Adjustments to Wage Index
  • District Court Rejects Hospitals' Challenge to CMS's Rebilling Policy

Health Law Alert >
2014: Issue 20

  • OIG Warns About Risk of Drug Coupons, But Offers No Solution

Health Law Alert >
2014: Issue 19 - Focus on HIPAA/Privacy

  • The Trend of Stricter State Data Breach Laws Continues with Florida
  • A New Sheriff in Town: Federal Trade Commission Enforcement of Medical Information Security
  • Medigap Policy Contract with Preferred Hospital Networks Approved by OIG

Payment Matters >
September 5, 2014

  • CMS Waves Partial White Flag in Appeals of Payment Status Denials

Health Law Alert >
2014: Issue 18

  • Laboratory Discount Arrangements Survive Antikickback Statute Scrutiny
  • Specialty Pharmacy Per-fill Fee Rejected by OIG

Payment Matters >
August 21, 2014

  • OMHA Announces Two New Programs to Process Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearings More Efficiently
  • Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act May Result in More Patients for Medicare Providers
  • Overview of the FY 2015 IRF Final Rule

Health Law Alert >
2014: Issue 17

  • Discount Drug Program Passes OIG Scrutiny

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