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November 12, 2015

  • Congress Enacts "Provider-Based" Surprise
  • CMS Issues CY 2016 Final Rule for Hospital Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgical Center Policy and Payment Changes
  • CMS Proposes Significant Revisions to Hospital Discharge Planning Process: How Patient Choice May be Impacted
  • Court Upholds HHA Face-to-Face Narrative Requirement

Health Law Alert >
2015: Issue 18 - Focus on Fraud & Abuse

  • Limited Modifications in Final ACO Fraud and Abuse Waivers Most Notably Include Cut of Gainsharing CMP Waiver
  • OIG Approves Health System's Complimentary Transportation Program

Payment Matters >
October 28, 2015

  • Challenges to Medicare's Outlier Payment Rules - the Secretary Largely Prevails
  • The Bad Debt Moratorium Requires a Flexible Approach to Evaluating "Reasonable Collection Efforts"

Health Law Alert >
2015: Issue 17

  • OIG Pushes OCR to Step Up HIPAA Enforcement

Payment Matters >
October 14, 2015

  • CMS Takes First Step to Reduce Payments for Clinical Laboratory Tests
  • Physician Payment: CMS Seeks Suggestions for SGR, PQRS, Meaningful Use and VBM Replacement
  • Uncertainty Continues for Two-Midnight Rule's Payment Reduction

Health Law Alert >
2015: Issue 16

  • Danger Ahead? The Yates Memo and Some Strategic Considerations for Corporations and Individuals
  • OIG Approves Home Health Provider's Free Introductory Visit Policy

Payment Matters >
September 17, 2015

  • Court Upholds CMS Treatment of Multi-Campus Hospitals as Single Entities for Wage Index Purposes
  • Only One Short Bite of the Apple: Change in the Medicare Enrollment Appeals Process

Payment Matters >
September 3, 2015

  • Drastic Changes in "Patient" Definition as HHS Releases the Long-Awaited Proposed 340B Omnibus Guidance
  • CMS Prevails in Dual Eligible Bad Debt Challenge
  • Value-Based Payments Transition to Post-Acute Care: The FY 2016 Skilled Nursing PPS Rule

Health Law Alert >
2015: Issue 15 - Focus on Antitrust

  • Federal Trade Commission Guidance Addresses Stand-alone Claims of Unfair Competition Under Section 5 of the FTC Act
  • Antitrust Enforcement Agencies Release Annual Report Summarizing 2014 Merger Enforcement Activity Under Hart-Scott-Rodino
  • OIG Approves Limited, Free Drug Program

Payment Matters >
August 20, 2015

  • CMS Issues FY 2016 Final Inpatient and Long-Term Care Hospital Rule
  • Home Health, CY 2016 Proposed Rule: Emphasis on Value-Based Purchasing
  • CMS's "At a Collection Agency" Bad Debt Policy - Confusion Continues

Construction OberView >
August 2015

  • Construction Industry Listed as a Top Priority for Misclassification Audits
  • American Arbitration Association Revises Construction Industry Rules and Mediation Procedures
  • PODCAST: Social Media in the Workplace

Health Law Alert >
2015: Issue 14

  • King v. Burwell: An Interchangeable Exchange
  • District Court Issues First Decision Interpreting ACA's 60-day Rule
  • Open Payments Update: End of CME Exception for Sunshine Reporting
  • OIG Approves Another Medigap-Preferred Hospital Networks Arrangement
  • OIG Issues Favorable Advisory Opinion Regarding Employee Lease Arrangement Between Related Entities

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