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August 2014

  • New Federal Health Care Facility Regulations Could Mean More Construction Work
  • New DC Construction Codes Take Effect
  • Recently Signed Executive Order Imposes New Restrictions on Federal Contractors

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May 2014

  • 2014 Maryland General Assembly Passes Bills Affecting Construction Industry

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April 2014

  • Finally - A Different Result for a Government Contractor's Differing Site Condition Claim
  • Maryland Court of Appeals Limits Right to Appeal Denial of Petition to Compel Arbitration
  • Think You Are Covered By An Additional Insured Endorsement? Recent Opinion Serves as a Reminder to Read the Coverage Language

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January 2014

  • Forum Selection Clauses in Construction Contracts: Part Two
  • Government Contracting: Beware Offerors - Past Performance By Your Proposed Subcontractors and Key Personnel May Not Count
  • Certificate of Qualified Expert Not Always Required for Claim Against a Design Firm in Maryland

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