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2014: Issue 7

  • Medicare OPPS Lab "Packaging" Policy Raises Bundle of Issues

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2014: Issue 6 - Focus on HIPAA/Privacy

  • Security Rule Compliance: The Importance of Performing Regular Risk Analyses
  • OCR Clarifies Permitted Disclosures, Including Mental Health Care
  • Self-pay Confidentiality Rights: How Far Do Those Rights Go?
  • HIPAA Security Risk Analyses
  • First HIPAA Settlement with County Government
  • HIPAA Complaint Seeks Class Action Status

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2014: Issue 5

  • Program Integrity Priorities Revealed in FY 2015 HHS Budget
  • When It Comes to Medicare Payment, Physicians Have Choices

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2014: Issue 4 - Focus on White Collar

  • "Cursory Services" May Be "Worthless Services" Under False Claims Act
  • Recent Settlements Underline the Antikickback Statute's Central Role in Health Care Enforcement
  • OIG Approves Medigap Policy Contracts with Preferred Hospital Networks

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2014: Issue 3

  • OIG's 2014 Work Plan: A Roadmap to Key OIG Fraud and Abuse Priorities

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2014: Issue 2 - Focus on Fraud and Abuse

  • CMS Self-referral Disclosure Protocol: 2013 Update and Summary of Settlements

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2014: Issue 1

  • Health Care Providers May Waive Patients' Copayment Obligations, But...
  • The Year to Come for General Counsel: Payment Reform, Managed Care and Affiliations - Part 1: Payment Reform Four Years After the Affordable Care Act

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2013: Issue 23 - Focus on White Collar

  • Operative Reports May Lead to False Statement Prosecution
  • Lessons from Frankenstein: Don't Create a Whistleblower
  • OIG Report Concludes that Physician-owned Distributors Increase Utilization
  • Dodging the AKS: Marketplace Plans Are Not "Federal Health Care Programs"

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2013: Issue 22

  • OIG Not Asleep at the Switch: Reviews Polysomnography Services from 2011

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2013: Issue 21

  • CMS Issues FAQs Regarding Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol

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2013: Issue 20

  • Health Insurance Exchanges: The Facts Behind the Debate

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2013: Issue 19 - Focus on Antitrust

  • Top Ten Practical Antitrust Compliance Tips for Health Care Providers (and Other Entities)
  • FTC Formalizes HSR Withdraw and Refile Procedures
  • FTC's Challenge to Phoebe Putney Merger Ends in Settlement Without Divestiture
  • Lawsuit Based on Kickback, Stark Law Violations Sustained; Civil Suit Offers Additional Option to Counter Competitor's Illegal Arrangements

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