PODCAST: Arbitration Clauses in Construction Contracts >
December 2014
By: Christopher C. Dahl

PODCAST: Dealing with Mistakes in Bids for State and Local Government Contracts >
November 2014
By: Jackson B. Boyd

VIDEO: Internal Investigations: Who Should Conduct the Investigations and What Should They Look For? >

VIDEO: How and Why to Conduct an Internal Investigation >

WEBINAR: Audits and Appeals - A Routine Cost of Doing Business with Medicare >
September 30, 2014
By: Paul W. Kim and Emily H. Wein

PODCAST: Women in Construction >
September 2014
By: Barbara G. Werther

VIDEO: Ober|Kaler's E-Discovery Group Offers Best Practices for Managing Electronic Data >
September 2014
By: David G. Kinzer and Kelly J. Davidson

WEBINAR: Breach, Enforcement and Beyond: HIPAA Breach Notification Analysis and OCR Enforcement Activities >
September 17, 2014
By: Paul W. Kim and Hannah M. Whitman Clark

PODCAST: How to Avoid Losing Privileges During a Government Investigation - Ten Practical Tips >
September 2014
By: Gina L. Simms and James P. Holloway

PODCAST: How to Implement a Document Preservation Notice While Under Government Investigation - Ten Practical Steps >
August 2014
By: Gina L. Simms and James P. Holloway

PODCAST: Claim Settlement Can Jeopardize Insurance Coverage >
August 2014
By: John F. Morkan, III and Jackson B. Boyd

WEBINAR: Preparing for the HITECH September Deadline - Tips for Negotiating Effective Business Associate Agreements under HIPAA >
July 29, 2014
By: James B. Wieland and Emily H. Wein

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