Ober|Kaler’s Tax Group attorneys represent a growing number of Israel-based companies and individuals. We have established relationships with Israel-based accountants, lawyers and financial advisors, providing them with valuable insight on US tax laws and regulations that may impact their clients, and offering guidance and representation to their clients undergoing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit inquiries and examinations. When needed, we work hand in hand with these professionals to represent their clients in the US court system, or in negotiations with the IRS and other government agencies.

Our Israeli practice encompasses numerous and important subject matters.

  • Our lawyers have assisted numerous clients with Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDI) tax compliance and representation before the IRS.
    • We have helped numerous individuals and businesses successfully navigate IRS tax audits, IRS appellate matters and IRS enforcement actions including addressing federal tax liens and securing federal tax levy releases and addressing numerous withholding situations.
    • We have successfully completed and secured closure on numerous IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program cases and secured significant reduced FBAR penalties as provided by the IRS for foreign residents.
    • We have handled numerous sensitive civil audits and voluntary disclosures arising out of undeclared offshore accounts including those at UBS and other financial institutions around the world.
  • We also have spent a lot of time and effort addressing an array of tax issues that arise pursuant to the US-ISRAEL double tax treaty, and have secured significant penalty abatements on an array of tax matters, including Forms 5471 non-compliance issues. We are now working with numerous Israeli taxpayers regarding Swiss bank accounts and other related high profile matters.
  • Currently, we are advising Israeli businesses and individual regarding the filing of forms FinCEN Report 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) with the United States Treasury Department.

Global Wealth/Estate/Gift Tax Planning

Our tax lawyers regularly advise individuals and businesses regarding structuring of in-bound transactions, including selecting an appropriate business entity(s) as well as incorporating the complex “check-the-box” rules that often provide significant opportunities on an array of international situations. We have advised numerous individuals regarding the use of domestic and foreign trusts for estate planning purposes, and keep our clients abreast of the ever changing area involving expatriation and the exit tax, as well as the consequences associated with gift from covered expatriates. Our attorneys regularly deal with IRS representatives all over the US as well as the National Office preparing ruling requests, technical advice and other related matters.

Visit, Ober|Kaler’s website dedicated to education and guidance on IRS issues affecting US citizens and green card holders living in Israel. Featuring webinars, podcasts and other information on these critical IRS issues, the site is designed to be a resource for Israeli-based accountants, lawyers and other advisers, as well as for other Israeli citizens and businesses.


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